Our Testimonials


"Carol Hanzel is a casting director deluxe. She provides a director with a smorgasbord of possibilities and ideas and has the insight and discretion to know when to let the director do his work. She is the perfect collaborator."
-Charles Busch, Director "A Very Serious Person"

"It’s not every day that we set out on a hunt for a perfect opera singing guinea pig, turtle and duckling. Not only did Carol Hanzel bring us hundreds of amazing candidates, she held our collective hands through the audition process and helped us refine our search to the three most wonderfully talented, professional, and adorable child actors we’ve had the pleasure of working with. The characters Carol helped us cast have gone on to become some of the most recognizable and endearing characters in preschool television today. Hooray for Carol!"
-Tone Thyne, Supervising Producer, Little Airplane Productions, Inc. "The Wonder Pets"

"When I first think about casting, I think of Carol Hanzel. I know she will understand the scope and scale of a project. Whether it’s children, adults, singers or dancers she has great resources, a great range and a good eye. Not only that but she takes the stress out of the process because it is a joy to work with her."
-Lisa Simon, Director/Producer "The Moodsters"


"Carol Hanzel is a wonderful asset to the creative industry of film, tv, theatre and commercials. Carol's brilliant knowledge and insight to casting contributes to a great production. Carol is an absolute pleasure to work with and always finds the perfect cast."
-Susan Ducey, Senior Producer @DDB Worldwide

"I’ve worked with Carol for 20 + years. She’s an awesome, insightful purveyor of talent. From Union to the most difficult non-union jobs, she leaves no stage or backstage unturned, finding the most unique and appropriate (voiceover talent) unrivaled by any other Casting Director I’ve worked with in NYC. Carol always makes me look good!"
-Amy Shore, Producer @Uproar

"If anyone wants to evaluate what Carol Hanzel’s casting talents are please have them look at my entire History Channel campaign. Look at the casting very closely, you will notice that you have never seen these people before in any other commercial and that they are extremely gifted and very funny. They have stature because they are representing characters in history. This is no easy feat; it is a result of Carol’s theater, movie and commercial experience. What a combo!"
-Stan Dragoti, Director @ Moss/Dragoti Agency

"Carol Hanzel is the single best casting director I have ever worked with."
-Denis Powers, Producer/Director "Berkeley College" Commercials

"Carol has been much more than a casting person that we call on occasion at Refinery. Carol is a creative partner, someone whose insights and expertise we have come to rely on time after time. I can’t imagine working with anyone else. I feel so taken care of, and in such good hands when Carol is handling the casting on one of our projects. Her attention to detail always makes us look good."
-Alan Eisenberg, Executive Producer @ Refinery


"Carol Hanzel is a highly talented casting director and a pleasure to work with. Her expertise and knowledge of talent within the theatrical community is significant and she produces great results, while being a joy to work with. I highly recommend her!"
-Michael Jung, VP Creative Entertainment at Walt Disney, "Finding Nemo the Mu-Sea-Cal" Workshop

"Carol Hanzel Casting has handled many jobs for me--ones that paid well and ones that paid little. Her devotion to excellence is fierce and she will never tell you that she is done until you feel you have the best cast possible".
-Lynne Taylor-Corbett, Director/Choreographer "Swing!" and "Reel to Real"

"You hire Carol Hanzel to cast your show with the same certainty and unquestioning trust as you do with your director, as you in deciding to produce the show to begin with. She crawls into the skin of the character as I do, as the director does. I would not consider doing a show without her."
-Melanie Herman, Producer "My Vaudeville Man!"

"Carol Hanzel is a devoted, thoughtful, creative, and imaginative casting director. In the many productions on which we have worked together, she has not only done an extraordinary job finding talent but she has always run organized auditions with efficiency, organization, time sensitivity, and respect for both clients and talent. On top of that, Carol is a smart, upbeat, positive team member."
-Bill Castellino, Director "Cagney!" and "Lizzie Borden"

"Carol Hanzel Casting always delivers the top talent for the right part and we have a lot of fun in the process."
-Donna Trinkoff, AMAS Musical Theatre/Producer "Signs of Life" and "Wanda’s World"

"Carol Hanzel not only knows every actor in the business, she knows what they are doing and how to reach them directly and quickly - a tremendously useful quality in a casting director! She is also passionate about the business, respectful of all talent, and always fair. It's a pleasure to work with her."
-Sue Frost, Producer "Flight of the Lawnchair Man"

"There are numerous casting directors in New York but none with the dedication, commitment and compassion for the process that Carol Hanzel has. I know that I can walk into a casting session in the morning and have multiple options by day's end. In my twenty four years of producing Equity Theatre, Carol has been the casting director I have grown to depend on and one I will continue to look to when searching for the ideal cast."
-John Wooten, Producing Artistic Director, Premiere Stages/ Director "The Good Counselor"

"The years Carol Hanzel spent as a Broadway performer gives her an insightful edge as a casting director which her peers do not possess. This is what makes her unique, exceptional and someone who I would work with again at any given opportunity."
-Richard Sabellico, Director "Sisters of Swing"